Greek Lunchby Winners Education, Athens, Greece

In Greece we leave school at 2pm.We have lunch at home, where our parents or sometimes grandmothers prepare delicious meals.

Traditional Greek dishes include pulses, vegetables, fish and seafood.We also love pasta, made in a lot of different ways.

Our lunch is always served with a salad of fresh, season vegetables. Greeks and tourists alike enjoy the traditional "choriatiki" or village salad, usuallymade with tomatoes, cucumbers, peperoni and feta cheese, sprikled with plenty of virgin olive oil.

We also love "souvlaki or gyros". It's grilled meat, vegetables and "tzatziki" (a sauce made of yoghurt and garlic) all wrapped up in pitta bread. Delicious!!!

Do visit Athens and we'll be happy to treat you to a traditional feast!

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