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Vegetable Spring Rolls

Cooking classes in our school have become a unique complement to many subjects so far.

Now, both teachers and students firmly believe that access to the kitchen enables them to keep in a constant, close, friendly touch and mutual understanding that creates or leads to fun, enthusiasm and motivation in daily studying, as it happened to the seventh-graders on Saturday, February 11, a sunny but very cold day.

The recipe was given to them in English, but the students in no time discussed and translated it into Arabic. They also had to use maths; for example, they had to change lb into grams or kg; oz to grams; ml or cl to l, etc., and to calculate for how many persons they had to cook. Unpronounceable difficult culinary terms, specific vocabulary, especially 'spices' ("spicy words'!!!) in English were easily transformed into a simple, nutritious dish that satisfied the tastes of all temporary 'cooks', who were divided into three teams.

It was an interesting experience for the girls to participate in a practical and exciting activity. It made no difference what language was used during that period. The result was amazing! We all had fun in communicating, working and eating together. The success was obvious: the two languages, native and foreign, had no limits or boundaries! Both were accepted, respected and enjoyed on that day in the school kitchen.