Russian Lunchby Physics Maths Lyceum, Obninsk, Russia

Nadia Solovyova, English teacher

Hello, my name is Nadia, I am an English teacher. I work in Physics Maths Lyceum in Obninsk, Russia.
Obninsk is located 100 km to the south-west of Moscow, it takes you about ah hour to get to Moscow by car. you can also get there by a commuter train. you can see the slideshow about my city here -

Our Lyceum is a state school, but you have to sit entrance exams to be accepted. Out students like Physics, Maths and Chemistry. They want to major in these subjects when they enter a college or university. 99% of our students enter universities. As they used to work hard at school, it is much easier for them to study at a university. Our students like sports, music, art and dancing. There are lots of participants in school concerts. Life at school is challenging and fun.

We studied the topic 'Food. Meals' at our English classes not long ago. The students prepared slideshows and stories about their breakfast, lunch, favourite and traditional dishes. It might be interesting for you to find out more about food and dishes in Russia here: