We are the Grade 3's of Elkanah House School in Cape Town, South Africa. There are 4 classes classes at two separate campuses. We bring our own lunch to school every day and we eat it at break time. We had a lot of fun creating these Voicethreads for you. We hope you enjoy learning about what we eat for lunch at our school every day!

If our Voicethreads don't load properly on your computer or you would like to view a specific one, just click on the link/s at the bottom of each class.

Mrs Blackbeard's class

Emma, Mikaela, Tom and Callum
Matteo, Jason and Caitlin
Keanan, Luan and Amber
Chloe, Ethan, Nathan and Mikaela
Dylan, Matthew, Luke and Mia
Judah, Liam, Joy and Hayley

Mrs Els' class

Trent, Joshua, Caelin and Kiera
Emily, Believe, Sisipho and Andreas
Kieran, Faku, Cami and Khaya
Sean, Kay-lee, Cameron and Ryan
Chiara, Lauren, Jono and Michael
Francesca, Rhys, Aidan and Jarryd

Mrs Childes' class

Joshua, Dylan and Keagan
Alex, Danel and Aeddan
Caroline, Ashton, Liam and Maria
Reece, Joshua and Patrick
Ashleigh, Inathi, Aiden and Zac
Alessia, Maxine, Anke and Allen

Mrs Sheridan's class

Andre, Alex, Nicholas, Tatum B and Nieka
Calumn, Michael and Nicole
Lexie, Jordan, Sophia and Ryan
Ben, Brian and Leanelle

Elkanah House, Cape Town, South Africa
Juanita Oosthuizen